About Us


Pappi Pet is a result of two foodies who have a mother who is very fond of cooking. Her makes and bakes were so famous that whenever we met people, they would inquire if we had ‘Mummy Made’ pickles or snacks.

Be it during our school days, college days or at workplace, the popularity of Mummy’s pickle or snacks was such that it used to get over within minutes.

In 2020, I came to my hometown to celebrate Holi, covid struct and the entire nation went under lock down. It was then when I got to spend time with my mother.

One day while having lunch, I had the Hing Mango Pickle and a few ideas came to mind. I discussed them with the family and every one asked to take a shot and try.

Starting with one of the most popular pickle: ‘Hing Mango Pickle‘ – the journey for Paapi Pet began in 2020.

Since then, we have added 30+ products to our menu across five categories – Pickles, Snacks, Spices/Masalas, Sweets, and Chutney.

All our products are Homemade, have No Preservatives, and made using the finest ingredients.

We ensure all hygiene measures are taking in the making process and do not compromise on the quality of the products, thus guaranteeing you 100% purity.

In these modern times, we want to keep traditions alive.


With love,

From our family kitchen to yours!